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Popular Case Forming Dies

Case forming dies are made on a custom basis for those who wish to form brass cases from one caliber to another.  Most case forming is done to produce ammunition that is not factory available. All wildcat cartridges and many obsolete calibers fall into this category. Case forming dies are designed to change the shape of the original parent case in small increments to avoid overworking the brass and to prolong case life. After using the proper form dies and/or Form & Trim Die, full length resizing is required. Below are a few examples of commonly formed cartridges listed with their parent case and the forming dies that are required. We make many others and they all come with complete, easy to  follow instructions. If you need to form a caliber that is not listed, simply write us or call explaining what you would like to do.

NOTE: Full length resizing is a necessary final operation after all case forming to insure proper chambering.

17 Remington From 222 Rem Mag or 204 Ruger

17 Ackley Hornet From 22 Hornet

17 Ackley Bee From 218 Bee

17 Mach IV & 17 Rem Fireball From 221 Remington

221 Remington From 222 or 223 Remington

22 Remington Jet From 357 Magnum

5.7MM Johnson From 30 M1 Carbine

219 Zipper From 30-30 Winchester

219 Donaldson Wasp From 30-30 Winchester

22 Savage H.P. From 30-30 Winchester

6MM PPC From 7.62MM x 39

6MM B.R. Remington From 7MM B.R. Remington

6MM/284 Winchester From 284 Winchester

256 Winchester Magnum From 357 Magnum

25 Remington From 30 Remington

257 Roberts Imp 40° From 257 Roberts
No Forming Dies Required – Fireform In The Improved Chamber

25-35 Winchester From 30-30 Winchester

6.5MM Rem Mag From 7MM Rem Mag or 338 Win Mag

7MM IHMSA From 300 Savage

7MM TCU From 223 Remington
No Forming Dies Required - Use
7MM STW From 8MM Remington Magnum

7.65MM x 53 Mauser From 30-06 Springfield

7.7MM x 58 Japanese From 30-06 Springfield

30 Herrett From 30-30 Winchester

30/378 Weatherby Mag From 378 Weatherby Mag

300/221 Remington From 223 Remington

32 Remington From 30 Remington
No Forming Dies Required - Use
33 Winchester From 45-70 Govt.

357 Herrett From 30-30 Winchester

350 Remington Mag From 338 Winchester Mag

356 Winchester From 444 Marlin

358 Winchester From 308 Winchester
No Forming Dies Required - Use
35 Whelen From 30-06 Springfield
No Forming Dies Required - Use
38-56 Winchester From 45-70 Govt.

40-65 Winchester From 45-70 Govt.

40-70 Govt. From 45-70 Govt.

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