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Popular Case Forming Dies

Case forming dies are made on a custom basis for those who wish to form brass cases from one caliber to another.  Most case forming is done to produce ammunition that is not factory available. All wildcat cartridges and many obsolete calibers fall into this category. Case forming dies are designed to change the shape of the original parent case in small increments to avoid overworking the brass and to prolong case life. After using the proper form dies and/or Form & Trim Die, full length resizing is required. Below are a few examples of commonly formed cartridges listed with their parent case and the forming dies that are required. We make many others and they all come with complete, easy to  follow instructions. If you need to form a caliber that is not listed, simply write us or call explaining what you would like to do.

NOTE: Full length resizing is a necessary final operation after all case forming to insure proper chambering. 

Please download our catalog, where you will find the chart beginning  on page 23.

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