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Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies in .38 SPL & .44 SPL

dualring38444siteRedding Introduces Two New Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies in .38 Special and .44 Special!

Redding this year has added new dies in .44 Special and .38 Special to their highly praised Dual Ring Carbide sizing die series. The basis for the Dual Ring concept springs from traditional straight wall carbide sizing dies, having a single carbide ring do double duty. It must size the top of the case to properly hold the bullet and then continue to size the body of the cartridge case as well. Unfortunately, these two areas need to be sized differently and so the carbide rings have always been, at best, a compromise.

Redding solved this problem with a unique and Patent Pending design, incorporating two carbide rings within one sizing die. One ring is positioned to properly size the bullet retention portion of the case, and the other ring is positioned to size the case body to the proper dimensions for easy chambering without undue over working of the brass. Cases sized in this die will not only look better, but brass life will increase due to the proper amount of sizing imparted to each distinct portion of the case. It thereby minimizes the stresses on the brass itself, which is a major contributor to premature case failure.

These two new Redding Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies are available now, and are designed to function properly in any press using 7/8” x 14 tpi. threads, be it in single stage or a progressive reloading press.

Redding reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946.

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