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Dual Ring Carbide Dies

The Ultimate Solution For Sizing Straight Wall Handgun Cartridges

Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies

Redding has solved the problem that has plagued ordinary carbide dies since their invention. The little ring in

a standard carbide die had to do double duty. It sized the top of the case to properly hold the bullet but then

continued to size the whole body of the case as well. Unfortunately, these two areas need to be sized at

different diameters, so carbide dies of the past have always been a compromise.

Redding's solution to this problem is a unique

(patent pending) design, incorporating two carbide

rings within one sizing die. The upper ring is

positioned to size only the bullet retention portion of

the case while the other is located to properly size

the case body without overworking the brass. Sized

cases will not only look and function better but

brass life will increase.

Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies

Cartridge                  Item No.

38 Special                    95183

357 Magnum               95182

40 Smith & Wesson    95272

44 Special                   95187

44 Magnum                95186

45 ACP                       95189

45 Colt                        95191

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