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Premium Die Sets for Handgun Cartridges

PremDieSetsForHandgunCartridgesDesigned for Utility, Precision, and High Production

The Premium Die Set for Handgun Cartridges consists of a three (3) die set which contains thefollowing; our Titanium Carbide Sizing Die, a unique Special Expander Die and a Premium Seating Die with our (Std) Bullet Seating Micrometer.

All dies have a large entry taper/radius for easy case entry and high production. The unique design of the special expander performs four distinct functions. The smooth entry radius is followed by the correct expanding diameter for proper press fit of the bullets. The upper section of the expanding diameter has a concentric ring which opens the case mouth slightly larger than bullet diameter to enhance bullet alignment. The final taper can provide a “bellmouth” on the case mouth when desired, usually when using lead bullets.


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