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Past Press Kits

2015 Press Kit

22 TCM thumb Redding Introduces Dies for the 22 TCM Cartridge
26 Nosler thumb 26 Nosler
28 Nosler thumb 28 Nosler
Versa PakBioGN thumb Imperial Bio Green Case Lube
Custom2015 Custom Dies
Dual Ring Set thumb Dual Ring Die Sets
Drop Tube thumb Drop Tube Extension
Micro Profile thumb Micrometer Adjusting Profile Crimp Dies for 38 Spc / 357 Magnum and 44 SPC / 44 Magnum
NM C 2015 thumb National Match-C
Premium Dies thumb Premium Die Sets
New Redding Logo thumb Writer Group Bios
2015 Catalog Cover thumb 2015 Catalog
New Redding Logo thumb Redding Logos

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2018 Catalog Cover 155
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